In Our Image: The Remaking of Esther in Every Age

Public lecture by Laura Suzanne Lieber (Duke University) during the conference “Characters in Mind: The Migration of Characters in Ancient Jewish, Ancient Christian & Greco-Roman Literature and Art” at the University of Bonn (Germany), 8–10 February, 2023.

Cognition and Ancient Characters

A conversation with Koen De Temmerman (Ghent) and Evert van Emde Boas (Aarhus) discussing cognition and ancient characters and their 2018 volume, Characterization in Ancient Greek Literature (Brill).

Blending in Diegesis: Public Lecture by Mark Turner

Mark Turner, Professor of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University, reviews aspects of conceptual blending that are consciously and explicitly put onstage during diegesis (‘narrative’ and narration). He makes the case that advanced blending is a basic mental operation for human beings, and it is constant. There would be no diegesis of any kind without it.

Blending in Diegesis: Workshop Highlights with Mark Turner

Mark Turner, Professor of Cognitive Science at Case Western University, gave a workshop on September 7, 2002, as an extension of his Public Lecture on ‘Blending and Diegesis’ at the University of St Andrews. In this ‘master class’, students and faculty posed questions that connected cognitive science and blending theory to their own research.

Salzburg Event

Prior to our first livestreaming event with Mark Turner, the SBL International Meeting in Salzburg (July 17–21) provided us with the opportunity to engage with members of our Advisory Board as well as junior scholars in a seminar sponsored by the local planning committee.